Hidden Gem: Designing your own

Creating a Hidden Gem is a bonus

Not all septic tank riser installations have to look identical with an exposed, green access lid. Here, our client got creative with their patio furniture and used it to hide the septic tank access lids with risers, while still being 100% accessible for service. Definitely a hidden gem!

hidden gem
Completely hidden from sight
hidden gem
Hidden access lid under furniture






The Good

  • Grass
  • Crushed rock/rock garden
  • Bark

The Bad

  • Avoid the use of plants that grow deep and wide roots, such as trees, shrubs, and vines.
  • Do not use a drain field as a parking lot.
  • Do not pour concrete or asphalt over a drain field. You won’t know if it fails to percolate through the soil.
  • Stay away from a vegetable garden over the drain field. It seems like a good idea, but the effluent is still high in bad bacteria and germs that have not been broken down and neutralized yet.

These can breach/damage the drain lines and clog the entire system.