Septic Service Experts on Whidbey Island

A Homeowners’ Necessity: Septic service

Septic service is a dirty business, and we have been in the on-site sewage/septic system business for over a decade. That adds up to a lot of “dirt.” Our main service area is from Coupeville and south, but we do also service systems in and beyond Oak Harbor. We are a family owned business, members of WOSSA (Washington On-Site Sewage Association,) and a licensed O&M provider in Island County.

A majority of Whidbey Island, Washington, just like most rural areas of the country, use septic tanks and drain fields to dispose of household waste. Proper, responsible care of your entire septic system can ensure years of trouble-free operation. A good rule of thumb for septic health is: If it hasn’t gone through you first, it shouldn’t go down the drain. Septic systems are not a hands-off operation. So it is important to have routine septic service to maintain the proper design function of the system.

Our Services

When we started in this messy business, our primary service was locating septic tanks and installing risers (access covers to grade) on older septic systems. Over the years, we have expanded by adding these services:

  • Tank and drain field locating
  • Locating lateral ends & installing clean outs. This allows the lines in your sand filter or drain field to be flushed out and the residual head measured during inspection or troubleshooting.
  • Riser installation & modifications to existing risers on the top of septic tanks
  • Baffle replacement
  • System troubleshooting. This is our specialty. We can help diagnose problems that may occur in any part of the system from the inlet of the septic tank to final dispersal in the drain field.
  • Septic system inspections. Routine and required home sale inspections.
  • Line jetting
  • Camera inspection

If there is a septic system service you require that is beyond our scope, we would be happy to give references of reputable licensed contractors.

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We proudly serve Southern Whidbey Island in Washington State: Clinton, Langley, Bayview, Freeland, Greenbank, and Coupeville! If you have an emergency, we will serve Oak Harbor, too!

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